Dear Xenos Columbus

Hey guys, I can’t speak for our whole church but I just wanted to introduce you to us, so i can let you know about the beautiful things we have going on in northeast Ohio. I felt the need to write this because I’ve spent a significant amount of time with some Columbus Xenoids lately, and have found that there may be some misconceptions. The relationship between our churches is important enough to clear them up.

One common misconception is that we are basically one big college home church. The truth is we have three college home churches, that are all close to splitting. We also have three younger groups, which includes three high school groups, a junior high group, and groups for the younger children. On top of these we have the post-college home church and of course several adult groups.

We are so inspired by the ways God has used your church down there in Columbus. Obviously you are a much larger church with tremendous resources which you have been gracious enough to let us enjoy. This is been very valuable to us because we don’t even have a building to meet in. Having your resources at our disposal has been a blessing.

Though our church is different in size, there is a lot we have in common. We believe the same things, teach the same things and have McCallum elders. We have cell groups, home churches, prayer meetings, and we disciple each other just as you do. We get along when we hang out. We come to the Summer Institute and fit right in, you barely even notice our presence because it feels like we are in the same church.

I love you guys, and I think we should do everything we can to be unified. Though distance separates us, we have the same goal in mind and the same heart for the lost. We can learn from each other.

If you are interested in seeing what we have going on, please come check it out for yourself.

Our meeting location changes week to week, so follow us on twitter at Our central teaching is Saturdays at 6 p.m.