South Dakota Blog PT.1

I’m on my way to South Dakota. I have no idea what to expect
but I am very excited.

I have the privilege of riding down with Zak Rozler, Tommy
McCartney, Corey Tarter, Collin Mehring, and Columbus’ own – Maxwell McKenna.
These guys are all really cool brothers, so I’m pretty happy that I get this
opportunity to not only drive 20 hours west with them but also to serve the
Lord in a place much unlike our own hometown.

Pine Ridge Reservation is literally the poorest place in
America (based on some stats I read recently that could have been outdated but
we do know it’s at least an extremely poor area). The area is ridden with
alcoholism affecting people of all ages. Hope is lost throughout the land, so
people turn to whatever they can in order to run from the pain of what feels
like worthlessness.

Without God life doesn’t have purpose. With extremely high
suicide and depression rates on the reservation, I believe it’s clear that
there is an issue. In the small areas of the reservation where Christianity has
been introduced, there is lasting joy and a hope that is eternal. At least that
is what we know from testimony of previous visitors, and church newsletters
that they send out regularly.

I hope to find similar information myself as I speak to
people while I’m there.