A Response to: Should Adult Sibling Incest Be a Crime?


Originally titled, “Sex Your Sister”, but then I realized that nobody wants to click that.

If you want to read the article that lead me to write about this, click here.

I’m left speechless mainly after reading the results of the poll at the end of the the  above article. 

Here are the results with 2.6k people voting, only 12% say that such a thing is unnatural, with only a combined 25% not being all about it. The remaining 75% of voters find no problem with the idea.


After reading that Ebola possibly made its way to Kent State, I didn’t think I could read anything more scary. Even with the small sample size of voters, there are still approximately 1900 people who are okay with incest. Is this not ridiculous? Am I overreacting? 

I guess you can decide for yourself if it is okay or not. Like most things, everyone has their opinions. Today its popular to choose against what has been considered “normal” for generations. 

It was only a year ago that this crazy story of a huge “cult” inbred family broke. The repercussions of such actions are insane! To even think contraceptives make it okay is wild! AIDS is still spreading and we have the best contraceptives we’ve had and obviously they continue to get better. You can blame “dumb people” for spreading STDs and not having smart sex, or even blame the dumb nurse for visiting Cleveland and spreading Ebola like wildfire. You could. But there are intelligent people who spread viruses/diseases as well. So the genius incest-participants will still be at risk of breaking a condom or forgetting birth control as the rest of us are. 

Have your own opinion, that’s fine. But don’t be crazy because society says so.


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